New Brashiers’ Chapel United Methodist Church is a community of believers dedicated to serving the Lord with open hearts and open arms. As a result, there is a sweet spirit that surrounds us. We openly pray for each other and our community…we laugh together, cry together and rejoice together. This is our story…The people of the Brashiers’ Chapel community had long prayed for their own church. Those prayers were answered when New Brashiers’ Chapel United Methodist Church was organized on January 19,1956. Originally, meetings were held in members homes until the actual building was erected. Brother Ebb Cryer was the first pastor assigned to the the church. He served the church from 1956-1958.

Brother T. E. Bartlett served as pastor from 1962-1966 and it was during his tenure that the church experienced significant growth, adding over 60 new members. Brother Bartlett was named Rural Pastor of the year in 1966 for the North Alabama Conference. It was also during this time that the church decided to build a parsonage. Construction on it was completed in June, 1966. The church held a dedication ceremony for the parsonage on June 29, 1975. The dedication was followed by a note burning ceremony to celebrate full payment on the parsonage note.

The church did not have a steeple until 1985. It was during the tenure of Brother Tommy Gray (1985-1991)that one of the members actually built a steeple for the church. Many were skeptical about getting it from the ground to the roof…but those skeptics were silenced when they saw what a beautiful addition it made to the church. During this time the basement and sanctuary were renovated and a central heating/cooling system was installed. A tornado in 1995 damaged the roof and steeple and both had to be replaced. The front steps were redesigned and handrails were installed in 2004.

Brother Mike Shirley came to the church in June, 2009 and continues to serve as our pastor. The church is once again experiencing growth. A Community Life Center was added which includes classrooms, a modern kitchen and gym. The only thing we are missing now is YOU! Please join us Sunday’s at 10:45 (9:45 for Sunday School) and Wednesday’s at 6:00